Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red God of War

Finally finished my Soviet Artillery.  I've been playing way to much World of Tanks.  But I'm putting an end to that.  I've just been so busy its a lot easier to sit down and play a video game for an hour or so then to sit and paint.

Anyway, one thing I tried to do is paint them as fast as I could.  I didn't worry about mistakes I would just go back and fix them later.  Seemed to work OK.  Let me know if you think they are ok with out highlighting.  Guns and Tanks I will still highlight.  But with so many infantry to paint, I have to take shortcuts some where.

Can you tell?
The major change with these guys is I did no highlighting on the soldiers.  Just to many soviets, and that step takes way to long.  I've put my 57mm gun and the 76mm gun to see if there is even a difference.  Close up yes, but with so many guys on the table and in the middle of a game, no one will ever know except me.

So, I have a tournament coming August 20th, and I've done more painting today, then I have in the last 3 months combined.  Hopefully I'll have some more pic's soon.  Including my revamped Marder III m's.

Lets see how the new camera with some lighting turned out.  There are still a lot of settings I can play with.  I think with any camera you have to get used to it.  These were all taken with landscape setting.  My have to try something different.  Color is weird. 

Lamps Extra Close
Tried to add a map.

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