Friday, July 29, 2011

New Camera Test

I got a new cell phone this past week, and its the Samsung Galaxy SII.  I had to give a plug here but this phone is insane.   How it pertains to FoW is that it comes with an 8.0 MP camera, and a 1080p video camera.

My old Camera takes amazing pictures, but its only 5.0 MP.
So these next pictures are some initial tests with the new camera.

As you can see, will take some getting used to.  And I'll need to play with settings.  But I think the potential is there.  I can zoom in super close with out the use of macro's.

And if I start to do some video's for the Rules Nazi, as its been suggested to me, this could work.

It will definitely be a lot more hand at tournaments, then lugging around my big camera. 


  1. The picture quality look good. You could use some better lighting though.

  2. Not bad for a camera phone. Lighting is always an issue, even with a large expensive camera. These pictures are pretty good though.

  3. ya I have some lights, but I just wanted to try lazy to set them up.

    my next pics I used lights...still think my real camera maybe better even though the MP's are lower.

  4. Found macro mode on my phone, so should be able to take better pictures now then my old camera.