Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Tournament Win

Marders tried to flank the Sextons....died.
Yes, I went to my 3rd tournament and won my 3rd one in a row.

Although I can take ZERO credit for it.

It was a 1250 doubles event.  I took Ersatz, with 2 Tigers, and 4 Marder III's.

Shawn was my partner again, and think he was ready to send me home, and play my army for me.

I played AWFUL.  I rolled like crap, my platoons couldn't do anything.  Especially my Marder III's.  Because they are one of my very favorite paint jobs, I had to use them.  Well they suck balls.   {not a kids show}

Dug in Hungarians and Ersatz.
Through 4 games my Marders failed ALL but 1 Stormtrooper move.  They died in 3 out of 4 battles.  In the 4 battle, 3 of them died, I made my motivation, and then just ran the last one off so we would get a 6-1 win.  AWFUL Marder III's.

They were the BEST looking vehicles there {even though I didn't win paint} but performed the worst out of anything there.  I don't know if I'll ever use them again.  They are just around to look good.  Kinda like my wife...right honey?  {shhhhh, I spent way to much money this tournament}

So, I'm sorry Shawn.  Thanx for carrying me through 4 games.  And besides all that I was really rusty.  I had a hard time deciding what to do.

Honestly my Ersatz did pretty well.  They did their job and held objectives.  really it was only the Marders that really sucked.

Defended onslaught of German Vets.
So, breaking it down out of 4 games I had 16 marders...15 of them were destroyed, and the last one ran home to momma.

But it worked out in the end.  Got a free JagdPanther Platoon with my winnings. 

Sorry don't have many pics.  My camera died at the start of game 3.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Destroyed Panzer IV's

Finally finished the D-Day project.

And I'd have to say, these destroyed Panzer IV's are some of my favorite work.  They turned out so well that It makes me want to paint my Panzer IV army.

They will show up on one of Shawn Morris' new D-Day terrain boards.  I can't wait to see pictures.

I really don't have too much to say about them.  Just enjoy the pictures I guess.
I added black soot to the front becasue shawn wanted them destroyed form the front as they were coming over bocage. 

Oh wait...I did discover one thing.  EXPENSIVE BRUSHES WORK!

Ya, I was one of those guys that always bought the cheap brushes.  They curled so fast, and I did a lot of dry brushing in my early days.  That just destroys your brushes.  I Finally broke down and bought a $40 brush.  I probably didn't use it for months because I was scared it would just curl and it would be a waste of money.  That was over a year ago, and the tip still hasn't curled.

So, I decided to buy an expensive flat brush for dry brushing.  And I used it for the first time on these Panzer IV's.  Usually when I dry brush, I have to be realy careful because you can get "streaks".  I always thought this was just becasue I still had too much paint on my brush, or the paint was too watered down.  Well now I believe it may have been the cheap brushes I was using.  This new brush did dry brush lines perfectly.  And I wasn't even trying to be careful because they were destroyed tanks after all.

Any way...enjoy.

Before any weathering
Mud and damage added
Mud and Damage
added chipped paint
More Chipped paint
added black soot

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rules Nazi Episode X - Assaults Part II:Tanks, Main Guns, Covering Fire...oh my!

FoW Version 3. 
Before I begin this episode I'd like to talk about version 3 a tiny bit, and the Turret BS.  Its been pretty much confirmed that Version 3 is coming in the spring.  And Red Bear and Grey Wolf have been "streamlined" to fit these new rules.

The very first thing I noticed is that they have "FIXED" Limited Vision and Slow Traverse.
They now measure from the turret instead of the Hull.....HOORAY!

Tanks and Main Guns in Assaults

I think my friends in Saskatoon need a new Rules Nazi episode on Assaulting.  I went to assault with My Tigers during this last tournament and I was told I couldn't because I shot my Main gun.  I could not fathom where that rule came from.  And every single one of them "knew" this was the rule.  Shawn and I were a little dumb founded by this.  But we scowered the rules anyway.  I'm not always right.  Especially at a tournament, where I don't have the befit of researching something before I say something stupid.

So, we asked them.  Where is this rule?  What they were doing was looking at the Rules summary in the back of the book.  Where it says;

Assaulting Tanks
-can't fire main guns.

They took this to mean that if a tank team fires its main gun it can't assault.  Which of course is incorrect.  What it really means is that Tanks can't fire their main guns during Assaults.  And since during an assault its a skill check, the only time that happens is during defensive fire. 

Covering Fire - For Taran
This section is totally useless.  Everyone talks covering fire.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING.  Its a complete waste of an entire page of confusion.

All this means is that if you shoot full ROF, you can't assault....that's it.  There is no "ACTUAL" Covering Fire. 

I just said the same thing in one sentence.  Even if you don't move and you want to assault, either don't shoot or shoot at a reduced rate of fire as if you had moved.

So, my tigers could have assaulted, because they shot at a reduced rate of fire.

Defensive Fire
Yes tanks can't shoot their main guns in defensive fire....UNLESS they are a ROF 4 Anti-Aircaft Gun.

This does not include the AA MG.  Remember these are different, if you've read Episode VII.  Even though they are AA with a ROF of 3, they are still an MG.  ROF 4 anti-aircraft guns are NOT MG's they are Main guns....confusing I know.

Just a quick side note on AA MG's, I found it amazing how many people at this tournament didn't know you can't fire the AA MG and Main gun at the same time.  So many Shermans firing their AA 50 cals along with their main guns.

Hopefully I didn't miss anything.  I don't have my books in front of me.  Lets see if I have this one correct from memory.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Be Where I'm At

Sorry, Title is a little bit of an inside joke....right Robin?

Anyway, a few people have been wondering why no posts lately.
So, thought I would give a quick update.

I have 3 projects on the go.  Trying to get as much done on all 3.

#1 - D-Day commission project - this is almost done.  i'll be done tonight or tomorrow.  I'll have a post about that soon. Oh, and the hetzers are included in that project.

#2 - FoW campaign.  Still trying to work some kinks out.  I have a map ready to go.

#3 - FoW tournament app 2.0.  Still working hard on this, even though I haven't given an update.

I have a tournament this weekend, so I should be able to post about that.  I haven't been to one in a long time.  I had to bail on the last 3 for one reason or another.

Rules Nazi - Someone has asked that I cover "Covering Fire".  Probably not much to say, but worth a post.  This confused the hell out of me as well at first.  When really it should totally be taken out of the book.  So, I will do that next.

See you all soon.