Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kampfgruppe Bäke Log Part II

Well the 2nd stage is in the books.

Looking into ways to do winter whitewash, I talked to a friend, Chris Allen, and he suggested hair spray and then scraping it away.  Apparently hairspray dissolves with water.

So, I've sprayed all the models in hairspray, and I've airbrushed them all white.  Tomorrow i'll try scraping some white paint off.

I noticed a lot of modelers either leave space or scrap paint off where the decals will go.  I've decided not to do this.  In my research of the Kampfgruppe Bake I found that the 503 heavy Battalion was attached to them.  In every picture I found of those tigers, all the numbers were on top of the whitewash.  But we'll see how it turns out.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kampfgruppe Bäke Log Part I

Decided to start and finish my Kampfgruppe Bake all in one shot.  Might as well log it.

I should start off by saying the Oberstleutnant Dr Franz Bake could possibly be one of the WORST models battlefront has ever put out.  This thing was an absolute nightmare to get it to sit straight.  I had to use the side skirts to try and hide how crappy the tracks are.  I actually think the resign model is totally crooked.  I'm very disappointed considering this is a newer model.  I've never had to modify a model like this before.

Any how.  This is what i'm painting.  I usually paint more then just a straight point army so that I can have options.  Especially since I plan on making this army a Winterized army.

  • HQ -  Oberstleutnant Dr Franz Bake, Bergepanther (ya I get to do another one)
  • Platoon - 3 Panthers
  • Platoon - 2 Tigers
  • Weapons - 3 Armoured Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm)
  • Support - Schwere Armoured Scout Platoon (winterized Grens and 7 half-tracks)
  • Support - 4 Panzerwerfer 42
  • Support - HS129b and JU87D Stuka
I'll probably add a recon platoon later as well.  And I'm not going to paint the bergepanther yet.  I like to take my time with that one adding chains and stuff as you saw with my first one.

If anyone has any tips on winterizing, I'm all ears.  This will be my first crack at it.   

But here is the start of it.  Magnetized all the turrets.  I even magnetized the anti-air guns and the panzerwerfers. 

This was a lot of airbrushing in one shot.  Still have to do one more coat, and then a coat of varnish. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Awards Revamped

I've totally revamped the Awards screen in the Tournament App.

Calculating awards was a bit screwbally anyway.  I figured it was a good time to redo the whole thing.

Joe wanted a more editable awards screen.  Not every tournament is going to use every award that the app does.

So, I've added an edit awards screen.  For now it has 13 base awards to choose from.  You are allowed to edit the name and its Priority.  Then you can check only the ones you want in your tournament.

In a tournament only one player can win each award, with the exception of player's choice and favourite opponent.  What setting the priority does is change when an award is calculated.  For me I'd prefer to see historical ahead of sportsmanship because most people get the close to the same score anyway.  There is no way I want the best sportsman award if I have the best paint.  Hey, but that's just me.  So I would set historical to a higher (lower number) priority then Sportsman.

Once your tournament is over and you click on the awards button, only the awards you've checked will show up and in the order of Priority.

This was one of the more complicated formula's I've done for this app, trying to figure out all these types of awards and how to get them to populate in the proper order.

I think this app is pretty much ready for use.  Although I've had one offer to test, so I'm sure there will be bugs as people actually start to use it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Back 2 Base-ix

I just wanted to let everyone know about a great little company.

Ever since I started this hobby I've been looking for some way to store my dropper paint bottles. Some way that doesn't cost a million dollars.

And I think I've found it with Back 2 Base-ix.

Check this out. Every thing is modular and magnetized so you can put different parts together.

I believe they come in different colours as well.  They also sell lots of other cool stuff, but "The Rack" is what I am most interested in.  Mine is already on the way.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hetzers and Sturmovik!

Finished the Hetzers for Shawn.  And I finished a Sturmovik.
man I am way out of practice painting, working on this app for Battlefront.  But its slowly coming back to me.

I based my Sturmovik off this picture.  And like everything else magnetized to the stand.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tournament App Build 2.5.3 Ready for Test

Here is my newest build if people want to try testing it out.

If you want to help test you'll need to sign up on our forum so you can report bugs. 

I finally had a chance to fully test the app at a tournament.  But I ran into a problem with blue on blue match-ups not calculating scores properly.  other then that it worked pretty good.  The blue on blue match-ups have been fixed.  I've also removed the blue on blue option for the setup.  the app will automatically determine if blue on blue needs to happen.  If it does it will still only do blue on blue match-ups as a last resort. 

Here are the changes.

I went to a weighted scoring only.  Seeing how the New Zealand nationals were weighted.  No matter what kind of options you take for scoring you will end up with a score out of 100.  So, when sportsmanship is set to 20% it really means 20%.  Not 20% of your total sports score, so it could end up being 4.5% or 45% of your overall score.

I've really been able to clean scoring up because of this.  There is now a check box for judges.  What this means that if this is checked, judges will decide paint score.  1-6 judges will be able to give their scores for all players.

The Fav %, is for the % of score that player votes will count for.  Whether you use judges or player scoring every player can vote for their favorite paint.  The % is part of your overall 100% but cannot go over your max Historic weight.  This will be subtracted from our Historic weight.  So if you set Historic to 20% and Favorite % to 5%.  Your Judging will be worth 15% and player pics will be worth 5%, for a total of 20% for Historic.

If you have 18 players in your tournament, all 18 players would have to judge your army as the best in order to get the FULL 5%.  Even if you make it 2%, this seems to really eliminate ties.

If you select 0% for Fav %, obviously none will be counted to your overall score.  However those votes will still be added together for a Favorite opponent award.

Similarly there is a Score Fav check box.  If this box is checked.  players can vote on a favorite opponent for an extra point that will count towards your overall score.  You will only be able to vote for players you play against  If the box is unchecked no Favorite opponent votes will count towards your overall score, however like Historic those votes will still count towards a favorite opponent award.

Favorite opponent votes are also used in tiebreakers, if people didn't know that.

The next major add on will be to add groups into match-ups.  I've been meaning to add this in for a while, but at this tournament I tested at, a bunch of out of town players ended up playing each other.  This is what the groups will be for.  You create a group for players that don't' want to play each other.  Maybe you have several clubs.  Just create a group for each and assign players to those groups.  Then those players won't play each other for at least the first round.

Any way, we are closing in on 6 months for this project and I've done very little painting.  If you want your say before this gets released, please sign up and do some testing for me.

Appreciate it.