Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Most Famous Gun in History!

Well, its been a very long time since I've actually posted something painting related.  I've been very busy getting the app going for Battlefront.

It seems strange but you can get out of practice painting.  I felt very rusty painting these German 88's.  Even taking pictures of them takes practice.  I couldn't remember any settings.  I had to play around with camera settings again.  It was almost like starting the hobby all over again.

But with the App nearing completion I've found time to begin painting again.  I've been into Flames of War for almost 5 years now.  And these 88's were probably one of the first models I bought.  I even took them to a tournament this past weekend.  To bad 88's stick.  The entire platoon was wiped out in every battle.

I did a little bit of research into the 88's ammo.  AA ammo had a brass casing with a yellow head.  And strangely enough anti-tank ammo has a black head with an iron casing.  I'm not sure why the different casings.  Must have something to do with the burn of the gun powder or something?  If anyone knows be sure to let me know.

I even added rare earth magnets, but after its all put can't turn the damn thing anyway.  All the guys are in the way.   

Anyway, hopefully I will begin to have more painting updates soon.  I'll be getting 2 sets of hezters done for Shawn.  Probably with in the week.  I re-did one set of them.  I the ambush pattern marks were to big.  So, I'm doing those 4 in what shawn calls...chicken pox patter...

I look forward to hear from all my old friends, enjoy.


  1. Nice work. I've got a couple of these as well, although I've not had a chance to use them in anger yet.

  2. Awesome. They look really good.

  3. Excellent. I love the way it blends right into your basing and the blue highlights on the crew