Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Assault Gun Crews

I've competed some Assault Gun Crews.  4 for some Marder III's and 5 for some SU-76's.  I used these as a test to airbrush and wash infantry in an attempt to speed up painting these little buggers.  I avoid painting them because it takes me so long.  I don't know how the FOW world does it.

I tried 3 different things.  The German crews I used GW black ink with Future floor polish.  It was a bit thick so will take some practice to get it right.  With one of the German crews I tried just an outline of raised parts, while the other crews I just did light dry brush.  With the Russian crews I used Windsor Newton brown ink.  This stuff is very good.  was easy to mix, and not as heavy as the black ink.

The ones I did the lining are the ones with the primed Marder.  With some practice this way could look pretty good. 

I don't know how much it really sped things up.  I'll have to keep trying it.  I do like the results.

I didn't mount the German crews because the Marders III's were some of the first Vehicles I painted.  Before I discovered airbrushing, I was using an aerosol primer.  And some times it would come out gritty.  If you look closely at the Marders you can see how gritty it was.  So I think I will put these Marders in Simple Green and repaint them with the airbrush.  I even have new processes to do decals, so these would be better as well. 

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