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Schwere PanzerJagerKompanie Part VIII - Finished

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Finally finished.

The final step for the gun teams and the next to last step for tank teams is Varnish.

As people get to know me around the Flames of War world they will here me say this may times.  I will NOT ever use an aerosol can on any of my models.

The formula for my final varnish, or dull coat as some call it, is;
  • 3 parts Tamiya Clear (X-22)
    • This gives it the greatest protection.  To thick to go through an airbrush by itself. 
  • 2 parts Tamiya Flat Base (X-21)
    • This makes the varnish matte.  This works better then any spray ever can. 
  • 5 parts Future Floor Polish
    • this gives it some more protection and makes it thinner to go through an airbrush with out using water or thinner. 
After a varnish, I will dirty the tanks up with some artist chalk.  I stopped doing this for a bit.  I used to do it before the varnish.  But the spray would make the 'dust' turn wet.  It wasn't as bad with the airbrush, but when I used to use aerosol can's it was really bad.  I wish for the life of me who told me this, could have been one of the WWPD guys, but I can't remember.  What he said was trying adding the 'dust' after the varnish.  I was always afraid of it coming off on your fingers, so I guess we'll see how that works out.

If you notice on the front of my BergePanther I put a chain.  In my head I thought this would be the coolest thing ever.  It turns out this was the biggest pain in my ass ever.  First I could get it to stay on.  It was impossible to paint all those little links.  I finally had to try and glut it a little, but then for some reason my glue turned totally white.  And in the end the glue still didn't keep it on.  I finally had to cover it up with some mud.  And the matte varnish helped tone it done some too.  Over all it didn't turn out to bad, but man it was a pain.  And it didn't turn out as well on the model as it did in my head.  Moding is not my strong suit that is for-sure.

The very last thing I do is put antenna's on.  I bought a broom head from the dollar store.
(ha ha...I said head!  I never said this was a family show).  You just snipe one off, cut it to the length you like and glue it on.  Then even curl really nicely if you don't like your antenna's straight.

The one thing I really have no idea about is how tall the antenna is suppose to be.  If anyone knows, I would love to hear from you.

There you go.  My army for the pairs tournament next week is finished.  Although...Shawn "the bastard", I mean "terrain guy" pointed out my list was wrong.  Not a good start for the Rules Nazi (episode 1 coming soon).  I originally was going to take Noaks panther and 2 jagedpanthers.  I had assumed (incorrectly) that noak replaced the HQ.  But as Shawn pointed out, Noak is a Battalion commander, and he is in addition to the Company Commander.  It doesn't really say that, but thinking about it, I think Shawn is correct.

Anyway, there you have it.  Enjoy.  Hope you enjoyed this and hope some people learned from it. I know I did. Always easier to learn from other peoples mistakes. I even learned a few things.

Always be Learning 

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