Monday, October 10, 2011

More Germans...and Finally the Ferdi!

I haven't been posting as much painted stuff as I would like because I have about 15 projects on the go at the same time. When I pull out (ha ha i said pull out) a particular colour, I use it on everything that needs it.

Well I finally was able to finish 3 projects in between stages of the D-Day stuff.

I was suppose to go to an early war tournament and I started some Czech 38t's and some Panzer I's. I also started some PanzerJagers but haven't finished those yet.

Tried a few new things. With the Panzer I's, I didn't do a wash over the whole tank. All I did was a wash over the tracks, and pin wash everything else. They turned out really well.

The Czech panzers I did the same way I always do them. Wash the whole vehicle, and then highlight. The tricky part with these guys the decals don't fit in between the rivets on the turret. I trimmed them as much as I could. And then the rivets made it VERY difficult to maneuver the decals around. Unfortunately a few of them are crooked.

But, best of all, and what probably a bunch of people are waiting for, is I finished the Ferdinand. I did the same as the panzer I's. I didn't do a wash over the whole vehicle. Just the tracks and pin washed everything else. I also went WAY lighter on the highlight then I normally do. I dare say it turned out very well and could be one of my best. It was certainly one of the most fun to do. I'm really glad I redid the camo...sorry to all those that voted for me to keep the old one. I'm pretty sure the next time I do camo like this I'll be able to get the lines even better.


  1. I really like the Ferdinands! They turned out great!

  2. Sweet looking Ferdi! I've never had the guts to take one. That's one BIG gun :)

  3. Very Nice Ferdinand, colors look just right!