Sunday, October 16, 2011

D-Day Commission Project.

Finished most of the stuff from my D-Day Commission project over the weekend.

A whole bunch of obstacles, 2 Boats, and 4 DD Shermans.

Obstacles were pretty easy.  Painted them all German grey, and then added some rust to them.  Did a fine dry brush of gunmetal, but I don't like it.  Gun metal, is too....sparkly.  Seems more like glitter then paint.  Probably why most people are starting to just use German grey instead.  But I find German grey too blue to look like metal.

The DD Shermans turned out pretty good.  Added some decals on the deck and an antenna.  The only thing about these, is I REALLY hate the mold.  Its a solid piece of resin.  Even between the gun and the hull, there is resign.  It looks really dumb.  You can't paint the whole thing the same color as the tank.  I painted it black.  But this looks pretty dumb too, since you should be able to see the hull.  In other words there should be space there.   I don't know.

The "skirt" turned out a bit dark, but after a "wet" dry brush...(does that make sense?) they turned out pretty well.  I didn't clean off my brush as much before dry brushing.  This made streaks along the smooth parts that normal dry brushing wouldn't do.  To me this made it look way more like cloth and a little dirty.

The boats seemed to be more of a hope and pray sort of project.  I had never painted them before.  For a hope and pray they turned out really well.  I did try to do pin washing with rust but it turned out way to red.  The shine of the Future makes it look red.  I'd realy like to figure out that rust colour on boats.  maybe more brown?

The damaged part of the boat turned out pretty good, discouvered my new favorite tool, the Dremel!  I used German Grey, black, and then did a highlight with a white pencil crayon.  Didn't want to ruin it with gun metal.  Glad I did the obstacles first.

Sorry i couldn't get them to you this weekend Shawn.

To complete my part of the project I have 2 destroyed Panzer IVs and rusted out Somua to do.


  1. It looks good.
    How about instead of German Grey use Black Grey, followed by a wash of Black Shade then drybrush Gunmetal and if that looks too bright add some black to the gunmetal.

    For the rust I think a red-brownish color thats closer to brown then red.

  2. I've heard of guys using black grey. I don't have any of that. I may have to get some and try it.

    I might have to try adding the black to gun metal as well.

    as for the rust, I have a rust colour and it looks realy good. but for some reason when I added 'thinner' to it, it turned bright red.