Monday, September 19, 2011

Ferdi Take Two

Tried the Ferdi again, and it turned out ALMOST the way I wanted it.

Way closer then the first attempt.

I may need one more practice try.  but now its starting to look like Kursk Camo!

New camo
Old Camo
New Camo
Old Camo

Just on a quick side note.  Just wanted to show everyone the glass cabinets I found at a garage sale.  $20 each.  I think they are worth around $100 each.  The one I have was from Ikea, and it was over $120 and not as good as these ones.  The Hobby Gods have smiled upon me!


  1. That was a STEAL at $20! Great purchase!!

  2. it was 20 CND, so thats like $5 USD. ;)

    Those pictures of the Ferdi definitely make me think I need to go back to the old camera.

    8MP is almost too clear.