Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rules Nazi Episode VIII - Applying Hits - Mixed AT & Weakest Armour

Figured I better do another apply hits one, since someone brought to my attention others at tournaments are doing this incorrect.

I think whats happening is people are mixing and matching the Mixed AT Ratings and Weakest Armour rules, instead of treating them totally separate.

Lets assume,
Red Dice - MG AT-2
Green Dice - 76mm AT-9
Blue Dice - 57mm AT-11

From what I've heard these are the situations that are happening

Players are applying ALL lower AT weapons to lower Armour ratings, and all Higher AT ratings to lower AT ratings.  Or vice versa depending on their interpretation.  Here we have 4 MG hits, and 2 Main Gun hits.

Correct Way.

YOU STILL HAVE TO APPLY HITS EVENLY.  If there are only 2 vehicles and 8 hits, both vehicles will still end up with 4 hits each.  If you somehow got 7 main gun hits, and 1 MG hits, you don't apply 7 hits to the highest FA rating.  Or worse the other way around.

The other situation is people are just matching High AT ratings to the Highest Armour rating and moving down the line.

Here we have 3 weapons getting 7 hits.  One AT-11, Two AT-9, and four AT-2.  So, people apply hits like this.

Hits not applied evenly.
Apply Hits to lowest armour.

Each unit would have to have 2 hits each and then you would apply a 3rd hit to the lowest armour rating.

These are 2 totally separate rules

Even in my correct pictures above I have the Highest AT rating going to the Highest Armour rating.  You don't have to do this to comply with both rules.  The Defender can choose.

In the above picture, the truck takes the most hits because it is unarmoured.  The 2 armoured vehicles take 3 higher AT hits.  But because they each take 2 hits, you can mix and match the AT-ratings as you wish.  Maybe you put the MG hit on the Panzer III.  it doesn't matter both rules have been met.

In the next pictures both are correct.  Both vehciles are armoured, so it makes no differance where the higher AT hits go.  But the Wespe takes the extra hit, whether it be MG or a higher AT (defenders choice) because it is the lower armour.

But in this next picture the 2 higher AT hits have to go to the armoured vehicle becasue the truck is unarmoured.  And the truck also gets the extra hit because it has a lower armour.  NOT because all MG hits go to the unarmoured vehicle.  There is a difference.

Mixed Anti-Tank Rating - with this rule, it makes absolutely no difference what the AT rating is or what the Armour of the vehicle is (sort of).  It only matters if the targets are armoured or not.  The 'not' can mean unarmoured vehicles, gun teams, or infantry teams.

But this doesn't mean that an armoured unit takes all the hits if the targets include other teams.

Lets say you have 5 hits with 3 different AT ratings.  And you have 5 targets.  All that matters is that 2 targets are unarmoured and 3 targets are not armoured.

Each target still gets 1 hit.  Its just that the 2 armoured units take 2 from the higher AT ratings.  Other then that, the defender decides where the hits go.

1 hit still to each target.

You can apply lower AT ratings to higher Armour ratings.  As long as the higher AT ratings are going to armoured vehicles.  You could apply the 11-At hit to the wespe instead of the Panzer III.  You could also apply the 9-At hit to an infantry team instead of the truck.

Hit Weakest Armour First - This does not mean you match High AT Ratings to Lower Armour ratings.  That is mixing this rule with the above rule.  And they don't mix at all.  This is specifically if you are hitting vehicles.  The key to this one is 'subject to all previous rules about allocating hits'

You still have to apply hits evenly, and you still apply hits to teams closer then 16" first.

In the example below, we have 2 hits.  The mistake being made is you apply 1 hit to the truck, and 1 hit to the wespe because they have the lower Armour Ratings.  But because the truck is over 16", you MUST apply 1 hit each to the wespe and Panzer III.  All hits have to be applied to targets closer then 16" first.

Truck over 16"
Mixing The Rules
The rules don't really mix because all other rules must apply BEFORE you use the Hit the Weakest armour first.

Here is an example.

Each vehicle must take one hit.  The 2 armoured vehicles take the higher AT hits, so the truck takes an MG hit.  Doesn't matter which armoured unit takes which hit.  The 4th hit DOES NOT go to the truck just because its the lowest armour rating.  Its over 16" so must go to one of the armoured vehicles.  The wespe is a lower armour then the Panzer III so it takes the MG hit.

However because the Wespe and the Panzer III op are both armoured, you could put both higher AT hits on the Wespe and put the MG hit on the Panzer III op. Its the defenders choice.  As long as the Wespe takes 2 hits. 

Hopefully this makes things a bit more clearer.  As I said in the first apply hits post, it makes things a lot clearer if you make things with different colour dice.  Remember hits must be distributed evenly.  And remember to apply the rule separately.

Mixed Anti-tank - only being armoured or NOT matters

Weakest Armour - weakest armour takes the extra hit when pertaining to vehicles.

One last thing to remember is to do shooting platoon to platoon.  Beside the fact that this is the actual rule, it does save a lot of confusion.


  1. Great post! Hear hear. Applying and allocating hits is always glossed over and it can have a HUGE impact.

  2. What if I roll up with my Panzer II's on some dug in (bulletproof cover) Poles and score hits with main guns and MG's. Can the defender stack main gun hits on a limited number of teams (assume hits are evenly distributed) or do they have to spread main guns out then MG's out?

  3. As long as hits are distributed evenly. And assuming all guns can see all targets, the defender can put all the hits where ever he wants.

    If you have 2 main gun hits, and 2 MG hits, on 2 dug in teams, you can apply 2 main hits on 1 team and 2 mg on the other team. or 1 main and 1 mg hit on each.

    Bulletproof cover works the same as armoured and unarmoured with one exception.

    If there are both teams with bulletproof cover and teams with out, the unprotected teams take the extra hits.

    And the teams with Bulletproof cover (instead of AT rating) are applied the hits with the best Fire Power.

  4. The thing to remember is that you fire all weapons from a single platoon, against a single enemy platoon.

    Platoons can divide their fire but, teams can't. So a team with multiple weapons fires them at a single platoon.

    So, all teams from a single platoon that are going to fire, fire all weapons against a single platoon.