Monday, October 31, 2011

D-Day Commision Project Part II

Well thought I would share one more post before the end of the month.  Show you where I'm at.

One thing I decided is once I'm done this D-Day project, which will be shortly, I'm going to finally get to my matter what anyone tried to get me to do.  They've been sitting ready for a while now and were probably dusty, so I decided to try my dremel on them.  Clean up those flash lines a little better.  Worked pretty good, so we'll see how those turn out shortly.

Here are the Hetzers I'm doing for Shawn.  I decided to try my hand at ambush camo for these.  I base coated them Hull red, and then gave them a thick Gloss Varnish.

What i'm going to do is use sticky tack to cover up parts of the vehicle and then airbrush the next colour.  Then I will use sticky tack to cover up more of it, and airbrush the 3rd colour.  I did try this with some aircraft I'm working on but the sticky tack pealed some of the paint.  This is why I applied the gloss varnish now.

I'm almost done applying the first layer of sticky tack.

I'm also working on a rusted out Somua.  I wanted it to look like it had been sitting in the field for a few years.  So, I did the paint backwards from what you would normally do when applying rust.

I base coated in a hull red.  Its pretty close to rust, but maybe a bit dark.  But that is ok.  Then I used a wet brush method to put streaks on it.  This is the first time I tried this.  I used reaper rust brown, and made it really watery...about 1:10.  then brushed it on in up down motions so it liked like it had been rained on.  This turned out really well.  Although my pictures really suck.  I have to stop using this camera.

Next I used a ripped piece of foam from the blister and applied dabs of green and yellow colours that would see on a French Tank.  normally you would do the rust this way over the base coat.  but I wanted it to look really rusty.  I made the green and yellow lighter because paint fades in the sun.  It looks kinda silly right now because the colours are so bright.

Next I did a pin wash over the whole vehicle.  Now I could barley even take a picture becasue its so shiny. 

Next I applied some caked on mud.  Tonight I will give it a coat of matte varnish and then apply some dust.  This should tame the colours down and make the mud look like its been there a while...I hope!

The Destroyed Panzer IV's I haven't got to yet.  I varnished them and painted the tracks.  But I still need to figure out how I will make them look destroyed.

Stay tuned.


  1. Good use of sticky tack / blue stuff. That is exactly how I did the camo on my BF Typhoons.

    I did not tap the blue stuff down too hard because of the possibility of peeling the paint. It did turn out great, with good "hard" lines between the colors.

    Can't wait to see the final results.

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