Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rules Nazi Episode V - Combat Attachments

One thing some players find very confusing is combat attachments. I've seen the most experienced player get this wrong, or not even know that they could do this. The silly thing is the rule is pretty much one of the very last rules in the book.

Take a look at a HQ section in any Intelligence book.

Almost every one has something you can attach. Lets look at the Eastern Front Strelkovy. This is a great example. There are 6 groups of attachments here.

There are a couple of things you can do with these. Lets say you take the anti-aircraft platoon.

#1 - You can field them all as one leaderless platoon. Of course they have to start in command, so they would have to start near the HQ or 2iC. Through the course of the game you can attach the HQ or 2iC if you want them to move.

This platoon does not count towards deployment when counting platoons for reserves or platoons in ambush. They will deploy at the same time as independent teams. But are not in themselves independent teams.

They also do not count for purposes of destroyed platoons for Victory Points or Moral checks.

#2 - You can attach them to other combat or weapons platoons. You can attach them all, or you can attach them on a team by team basis. A lot of people don't know this. Using the Anti-aircraft platoon, you could attach 1 each to 3 different Strelkovy Companies.

The catch is they act like transports. They do not count towards your total number of units in the platoon, but they do count towards losses.

However, in the case of the Soviets they do count towards the number of units when calculating the Quality of Quantity special rule.

There are also certain weapon platoons that can attach. For example German HMG platoons or Soviet Flame thrower Companies can usually attach to other combat platoons.

NOTE: You cannot make combat attachments to Support platoons. Sometimes people can forget this in cases like the Anti-aircraft platoon. Lets say your strelkovy takes a T-34 company as support. Well you might think to attach your anti-aircraft platoon to the T-34 company because they are also tank teams. But you cant'


  1. Your rule memos are excellent and I'm really learning a lot from them.

    Where is it mentioned in the list whether you can attach or not a team to a platoon. For example, I don't remember seeing anything like that for German HMG platoons

  2. It will be in the intelligence handbooks. Check any of your books where there is an GERMAN HMG platoon.

    For example, Eastern Front page 62. It says Grenadier Machine-gun platoons may make combat attachments to combat platoons.

    says the same thing for soviet flame thrower platoons on page 225.

  3. KAGE -

    Excellent as always. One minor point, but it can be a game changer:

    If you choose the leaderless platoon route, they can contest objectives. I have used this rule a couple of times to my advantage by "dragging" the HQ option along with the 1iC and 2iC all the way across the board to claim an objective. The Independent Team itself cannot contest, but the leaderless platoon can.

    Keep up the great posts!

  4. ya good point. They work exactly like a regular platoon. Just with out a leader.

    I guess one other thing that should be mentioned is that the HQ and 2iC CANNOT appoint a new commander for that leaderless platoon, where normally they can if the platoons leader gets killed.

  5. If you guys really like these spread the word around the FoW community. I would like to do them more regularly. But I'd like to see people asking questions.

    On the Rules nazi tab at the top people could post topics they'd like to see me cover.

    I some times don't have any ideas unless I go to a tournament and see people making common mistakes.

    If it gets popular maybe i'll go to video...right WEBGriffin? ;]

  6. I can't seem to find the "post" link or button on the Rules Nazi tab. I am sure it is user error on my part.

    Assaults are the most often fubared part of the rules. Charge into Contact comes to mind right away. The old "Independent Team" stuff comes up as well.

    Heck - just read the forums - they are chock full of rules stuff! : - )

  7. hmm looks like you are right you can't add a message. i'll have to see if I can add that some how.

  8. Great Post again Kage.
    Buildings might be a good one for future Rules episodes. Seen them abused in games by new and experienced players.

  9. oh buildings...that is a good idea. seen a few troubles with buildings at the last few tournaments as well.

  10. I've learn't loads through these rules memos. Very, very useful.

  11. Once the game starts can the IC or 2IC appoint a new Pl leader for these assets instead of shooting?

  12. Negative. these leaderless platoons cannot be assigned a new leader.

  13. Kage,there are some exceptions with combat attahments.Have a look in River of heroes the SS can CA the scout plt form Div support for 1.

  14. Of course there are exceptions. I just cover the basics so people can understand. Then any exceptions to the rule that an intelligence book might bring in are easy.

    Its not the exceptions people have problems with, its knowing the rule properly in the first place.