Saturday, August 27, 2011

In The Pipe 5 by 5

Can anyone tell me what move that is from?

Anyway, in case people don't peruse my site, i'd like to point out a few new pages and show some previews of whats coming down the pipe.  The new pages are on the tabs at the top.

Paint Guide -
I've finally got around to getting my paint guide.  This is more for airbrushing.  For me I hate Vallejo paint going through my airbrush.  So, I've had to find an alternate brand.  Tamiya is absolutely fantastic for airbrushing.

The only one (so far) I find isn't really close is the Khaki for Russian uniforms.  But its close enough. 

There were about 2 or 3 web sites I always had to go to for equivalency charts.  And some I didn't agree with.  So, I made my own.  Figured I might as well share it.

I have also included the mix ratios that work best for me in an airbrush.  These are in a constant state of flux as I always try to improve.

Watch this page often for updates.

Kursk Campaign -
I've always loved this Kursk Campaign that was on the FOW site by Craig Courtis.
But, I always thought there were a lot of lingering questions, that made it almost not worth playing. Especially the meaningless game at the end if the Germans loose 2 battles. No game should be meaningless, otherwise that defeats the purpose of a campaign.

So, what I'm trying to do is improve on it and maybe add something to it.

One noticeable change I made is that instead of having the Germans start with 500 points more then the soviets, the Soviets start wtih 500 points less then the Germans.  Whats the differance you ask?  Well, I'll tell you.

One thing that always bothered me was that the Soviets start with 1500 then the Germans start with 2000.  But at a certain point during the campaign the Germans had to come back down to 1500.  Well with axis of attack, this doesn't make much sense.  Do the Germans have to build a 1500 army and then just add 500 points of extra units?  Or could they just reorg their whole army?  Especially if you wanted to have panthers in your army.  They are so expensive, in mid war but should be part of Kursk.  Now, since the Soviets reorg their army from Strelkovy to what ever they want anyway...they go from 1500 to 2000.  The Germans stay at 2000, and now have way more room to include panthers.

Its still a work in progress, and I hope you enjoy the changes.  I also will take some suggestions into consideration.  Thanx to Craig Courtis, who did all the original work on the campaign.

Finally here is a sneak peak at some of the things I'm painting.

I'm sorry everyone.  I've decided to redo the Ferdinand.  I agreed with everyone, the lines were ok, but that one spot where the airbrush splattered just bothered me to no end.

I'm working on 3 Panzer IV H's.  These will be the 20th panzer Division used for the Firestorm Campaign.

Finally, I'm working on the Flak Nests.  These have be a load of fun.  I haven't done any buildings before.

We put magnets into tank turrets, so I thought...why not AA guns?  It worked like a charm.  I drilled a hole into the base, and put a magnet in there.  And then snipped off the bottom of the AA and put it in there.

I decided to paint these guys like Luftwaffe, so I found that XF-18 was the closest blue.  I'll have to put that into my chart.  But, that is a cool looking blue.

I really think these are going to turn out super nice.  I'm going to try and finish them this weekend, or get very close anyway.


  1. Nice work Kage!

    I would like to test the Tamiya paints, but I don't have a local source. I have become pretty good with standard Vallejo paints going through the airbrush. But I am a big fan if the Vallejo air line.

    But a question - if you are in Canada, shouldn't you be out enjoying the weather? I mean summer is what, a week long up there?? :-)