Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rules Nazi Episode IV - Assault Basics

I don't think I will go into assaulting too much here.  Just a few quick notes.  Mainly because I came across a few players that didn't know a couple of things.

I know assaulting seems complicated.  I still have to look up the rules most of the time.  But the way the rules are written really make it more confusing then it really is.  I still think phil should let me rewrite the rule book...phat chance, right Phil?

I'm doing this at work so I'm sorry about the lack of pictures.  I can do more when I do a more in depth one.

NOTE: Ignore that stupid covering fire section.  All that means is teams that fired their full ROF can't assault.  That whole section is dumb, and just causes confusion.  There technically isn't any covering fire in the game.  

Step 1 - Move 4" towards the enemy platoon.  At least 1 team has to have started within 4" of an enemy team.  If not there is no assault.

Step 2 - Defensive fire:  This is a common mistake I see.  People only fire with teams within 4".  You can actually fire with anyone within 16", as long as that shooting team belongs to the same platoon as a team with in 4" of the assaulting platoon.  So, you have to be careful.  You could inadvertently draw more then one platoon to conduct defensive fire against you.

Step 3 - Make a skill check with all teams within 2" of enemy platoon.  Success' are automatic kills, no saves, except against armoured vehicles.  Not even bulletproof cover saves you.

Step 4 - Did you win?  If there are no enemy teams with in 4" you've won the assault.  Go to step 7

Step 5 If you didn't win - enemy platoon makes motivation test, then break's off or counter assaults.
Step 5a - if counter assault, then go to step 1 and skip step 2.  The assaultie becomes the assaulter.
Step 5b - if fails motivation test or chooses to break off go to step 6.

NOTE:  This is where i've seen the common mistakes happen.
#1 - You can have an infinite number of assault rounds.  It goes until one side wins, breaks off, or is dead.
#2 - There is only EVER one round of defensive fire.  You don't get defensive fire every time a new assault round starts.

Step 6 - Break off.  Move your full movement directly away from the enemy platoon.
Step 6a - If any teams are still with in 4" of the enemy platoon they are destroyed (captured).
Step 6b -  I've seen players do this step after the assaulting platoon consolidates in order to get within 4" and capture those teams breaking off...this is incorrect.

Step 7 Consolidate OR Breakthrough.  You can't do both.  I've seen players consolidate 4" and then move another 4" to do a breakthrough assault.
Step7a Consolidate - move 4" in any direction - assault done!
Step7b Breakthrough - start a brand new assault with step 1.  Yes, it can be against the same platoon that just broke off.  And becasue its a brand new assault there would be defensive fire again.
Step7c If you are the original defender you cannot Breakthrough.

NOTE:  A few other things to remember is that tanks can't assault tanks, and infantry must make motivation tests to assault tanks.

There...easy peasy.  Granted there are some complicated situations, but as the title says, this is just the basics.
This should get people through most assaults.

If there are situations you would like better explained or see photo's for...let me know.
Someone has suggested video but, i'm not sure i'm ready to be a movie star yet!


  1. Great, thanks for that. These guides a really clear land helpful. Did not realise the Defensive fire could be conducted by troops within 16" as long as that shooting team belongs to the same platoon as a team within 4" of the assaulting platoon.

  2. ya one trick you can do is put a platoon on a front line. You could put an HMG platoon command team with in 4" of the front line troops. Then line up the HMG teams in command distance away from the command team. this puts your HMG teams farther back. But if the front line gets assaulted your HMG's can shoot.

    Germans could have HMG teams about 9" away and still shoot defensive fire.

    Just remember that you can't shoot through your own troops, so the front line troops couldn't defensive fire while your HMG shoot.

    Or you can just line up your HMG's 3" behind the front line troops, and they could shoot anyway.

    This way, for the Germans anyway, you don't have to attach HMG teams, to protect a dug in platoon.

  3. Kage -

    Happy to see the Rules Nazi back!

    But I think you have a mistake. You cannot breakthrough assault the same platoon as you state in the breakthrough step above. HRB page 111 says:

    "... Launch a breakthrough assault against another platoon within 4 inches".

    It cannot be the same.


  4. Kage,

    Just checked MALFTF and Phil rules that you can indeed assault the same platoon again. Good call Rules Nazi!!

  5. @WebGriffin...ya I think New Zelanders have a different meaning for "ANOTHER".

    Ya, I had to question that this rule was even needed. It is almost impossible to breakthrough the same platoon.

    If a team is still with in 4" they are destroyed, and if they are farther then 4" you can't assault them.

    Except 1 situation that I can think of...

    Can you name it?

  6. bingo,

    because they can breakthrough 8"

  7. Very nice step-by-step for a newbie like me, thanks!

  8. I have heard it on podcasts and while playing:

    This game is won during assaults.

    That caused me to really hone up on my assault skills and rules (ignoring the assault the same platoon on breakthrough). If you want a more complex example of the craziness, check out the threads on "assaulting the nearest enemy."

  9. Rules update - only platoons within 8 inches of assaulting teams count as defending platoons, and only teams within 8 inches of assaulting teams can defensive fire at a range of 8 inches...