Saturday, March 26, 2011

Enough Led to Build my Own Tank! Or Kill Superman!

Well I finish up the next stage of my Jagdpanthers thought it might be fun to show all the led that I have unpainted.  Yikes...why do I even ever buy more?  It was really funny hearing the WWPD guys talk about the exact same thing.

So, I made a list of all the armies I can build, and took pictures of all my unpainted led.

Its probably a good thing my wife loves me.  I do spend a lot of money on this stuff, but luckily most of it was paid for by selling A LOT of old hobbies.  I had a huge D&D miniatures collection, and I had close to 200 board games.  All gone to finance FoW.

That shelf in the first picture used to be jam packed with board games.  I didn't have enough room to fit them all.  Now nothing but FoW stuff. 

Needless to say I'm now exclusively Flames of War and World in Flames.
And as my friends tell you I don't ever do anything half assed. 

Talking to my new buddies in Saskatoon and Edmonton at the last tournament, a lot of them say "my 2 armies"  This always makes me laugh.  This made me make up list of all the armies I can build.  I'm sure there are some I'm missing because of cross overs.

MW - Swhere PanzerKompanie
MW - Mittlere Panzerkompanie
MW - PanzerKompanie
MW - PantherKompanie
MW - Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadier Kompanie (x2)
MW - PanzerGrenadierKompanie
MW - Gepanzerte PanzerPioneerKompanie
MW - PanzerPioneerKompanie
MW - GrenadierKompanie
MW - PionierKompanie
MW - Battaglion Fucilieri
MW - Battaglione Alpini
MW - Guards Heavy Tank (kv-1s, kv-85)
MW - Tankovy
MW - Mixed Tankovy (kv-1e, t-34)
MW - Motostrelkovy
MW - Strelkovy
MW - Opolcheniya

LW - Shtraf Battalion
LW - Guards Heavy Tank (is-2)
LW - Udarny Strelkovy
LW - Sturm Kompanie
LW - StuG Batterie
LW - MotoStrelkovy
LW - Guards Tankovy (t-34/85)
LW - Tankovy Battalion
LW - Sperrverband
LW - Ersatz PionierKompanie
LW - Schwere Kompanie (Tiger)
LW - Engineering Sapper Battalion
LW - SS Totenkopf
LW - Schwere Kompanie (konigstiger)

LW - Canadian 3rd Army (working on 4th)
LW - PanzerGrenadier Lehr Kompanie
LW - Panzer Lehr Kompanie (Panzer IV)
LW - Panzer Lehr Kompanie (Panther)
LW - PanzerPionier Lehr Kompanie
LW - Panzer Kompanie
LW - Grenadier Kompanie

To be honest, because there is no one here in Regina that plays, except Sylvain, and my friends do like to play it, i'm trying to collect every single Mid War and Late War army for the eastern front.  Then not only can I play the perfect Firestorm Campaign, I can build a mega campaign that spans most of the war.

Hopefully my boy will be old enough to play in a few years and he will enjoy the fruits of my obsession.

Unpainted Italians
Unpainted German Transports
Unpainted PanzerGrenadiers
A lot of unpainted Germans
Unpainted buildings
Unpainted Bunkers
Unpainted Soviets
Unpainted Canadians
More Italians...and more coming!
Panzer Lehr
Soviets on Deck!
And more Soviets
Even More Soviets
And yet more Soviets?
OH YES!....even more Soviets!
More Panzer Lehr, and other Germans
German Armour
3rd Canadian Army!


  1. All wargamers are like this (maybe not quite as bad). I wrote about this some time ago in Why I will never Conquer the Lead Mountain.

    BTW thats a HUGE amount of miniatures.. you must be rich!

  2. lol unfortunately not. If I were, I'd have everything. No this is just a accumulation of all my gaming over the last 25 years.

    I sold or traded nearly everything just to buy more FoW.

  3. And I thought I was crazy to model two different airborne companies - Pegasus bridge and Arnhem. Now I feel better because I have company in my obsession!


  4. Without guys like you, miniatures manufacturers would go out of business.

  5. lol, are you listening BF and Phil? Maybe I should have some say in version 3!