Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bergepanther Part I

I decided I wanted to make a quick post about my Bergepanther.  I already thought it was going turn out super cool and I wanted to show some pics.

A Bergepanther was a German Panther tank converted to be a recovery vehicle for other vehicles that broke or bogged down. 

The whole time I've been working on this thing I kept thinking how cool it would be to have pulleys and chains.  I know I had seen others do this to their Bergepanthers.  Doing a quick search on the FoW forum I found 2 in particular that were very good.

One by Tommy_monaghan.  His had pulleys on it, and I couldn't fathom where he would get pulleys that small.  After reading through the post for a bit, sure enough someone asked him where he got his pulleys.  He said from the 88mm box set...I thought to myself...."Self, I have one of those".  So, I went and looked and sure enough 6 little pulleys.  I was super stoked.  I had pulleys...now I need a chain.

The 2nd Great Bergepanther was by Sentinal.  He has a fantastic chain on his.  I sent him a message to find out where he got it from.  In the meantime I showed my wife his Bergepanther.  She left uninterested but then came back a few minutes later were a handful of necklaces.  Sentinel got back to me this morning and said that he got his chains from a train store.  I had thought of this but dismissed it.  I didn't think they would carry something that small.  So, i'll go check it out.  If not i'll use the necklace.  I think they will work just fine.

I hope my Bergepanther turns out half as well as these guys.  But, I'm super happy with it so far.  I'm more excited about finishing this then my Konigs'.

These are before any wash, weathering, or modifications.  I just had to show it so far because its going to be kool.

Although, I did make one modification so far.  In the game the Bergepanther is armed with an AA MG.  But the model doesn't actually come with one.   In a lot of pictures of Bergepanthers they mount the AA MG on the front, so I've added an AA MG from a bunch of half tracks that I have.  I don't know if its the same AA MG its suppose to have but statistically its the same in the game, so it will work just fine.

Enjoy...and look forward to Bergepanther part II....dun dun dunnnnnnn....is Stalin really Hitlers step dad, or will he be consumed by the dark side of the force?


  1. Looking good Kage! I've seen many different hull MG mounts and most seem to have been field conversions or left up to the crew.

    I have a KT Company and Bergepanther all needing some paint, so thanks for some inspiration ;)


  2. Thanx Chevalier.

    I was going to leave them until I got better with my airbrush, but I have a tournament coming up. My first one.

    So, it was probably the only thing I could paint in time.

    Besides, my boy bought me one of my KT's for Christmas and he's really wanted me to paint it up for him.

  3. Nice of Jenny to give up her necklace to the German cause.