Monday, July 2, 2012

Kampfgruppe Bäke Log Part III - Hairspray is for Chicks

Ya...the hairspray thing didn't work so well.  I'm not really sure what happened.  I thought I had pretty good coverage, but maybe not.  Maybe my airbrush paint is too good.  Maybe I let the hairspray dry to long.  I used an aerosol can, but maybe should have just bought a bottle and ran it threw my airbrush.

But, I was led to believe that hairspray dissolves with water.  I scrubbed the shit out of these vehicles.  It was a struggle to get the paint that did come off removed.  At one point I even tried using a toothpick to scrape it off.

I was about to give up and drop every single vehicle in the Simple Green.  But, I figured I can do that any time so I might as well see how they turn out.

I'm still having a hell of a time with washes.  I decided to try Devlan Mud.  Works not to bad so far.  Basically the same as the BF Shades.

I'm giving everything a coat of thinned down devlan mud. and then going back over some parts with the white.  Makes it look kinda dirty.

Because not as much white came off as I had hoped, I decided to paint the entire tracks and wheels muddy. Then i'll put some packed snow here and there.  They are actually starting to turn out.  I may not dump them in the Simple green after all.  At least I know my paint and varnish work well, because I scrubbed the piss out of those things.

Pictures are just at my work station, so they kinda suck. but I'm sure you get the "picture"


  1. I think they look neat. Since I am just starting a German force as well, I have eagerly been following this. Gives me ideas about weathering too. Like basing in a very resistant enamel and doing my light overcoats and using a slightly scratchy pad to just scrape away top coat revealing the black underneath.

    One thing I've learned when doing new stuff though, test everything on a throw away model. I have several broken hulls that BF replaced for me so now I use the broken hulls to practice paint schemes and techniques on. May save you headaches in the future.

    Can't wait to see more Bake!

  2. I don't bother with the test models any more. There pretty much isn't a single model I have where I haven't tried something new. I'd never get anything done if I used test models.

    And with the discovery of Simple Green I wouldn't give a 2nd thought to dropping a model into it and starting again. A few hours in that stuff and the paint just slides off.

    This little test just makes me think Simple Green is even better then I thought because I couldn't scrap the paint from these models.

  3. I'm new to FoW so I'm wondering what this Simple Green is.

  4. Its a non-toxic cleaning solution. I used to try super uber atomic turpentine and it didn't always get all the paint off.

    simple green the paint pretty much slides off with hardly any scrubbing.

    as I mentioned if I don't like the paint on a model I've done or i've figured out how to paint it better, I have zero qualms about dunking it in the Simple Green and starting over.

    I used to really hum and haw about it because it was so much work to clean these models up.

    I basically just keep recycling models as I get better and better at painting.
    Every model I have is a test model.

  5. I even clean my airbrushes with it. If I don't have time to clean them I'll actually let my brushes sit in simple green until I have time to get to them.

    The only down side is that its a great cleaning product, so my wife steals it all the time.

    I had to start buying her own jug so that she wouldn't touch mine. There was never any left when I needed it.

  6. While you might have hated the process these vehicles do look killer... With the minor chipping of the whitewash they look 'mid usage'. I think you have a reluctant success on your hands.

  7. ya they are starting to grow on me.

    last night I added some white streaks to the HT's so they look pretty dirty.

    we'll see how they turn out and then everyone can judge for themselves.