Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Tournament Win

Marders tried to flank the Sextons....died.
Yes, I went to my 3rd tournament and won my 3rd one in a row.

Although I can take ZERO credit for it.

It was a 1250 doubles event.  I took Ersatz, with 2 Tigers, and 4 Marder III's.

Shawn was my partner again, and think he was ready to send me home, and play my army for me.

I played AWFUL.  I rolled like crap, my platoons couldn't do anything.  Especially my Marder III's.  Because they are one of my very favorite paint jobs, I had to use them.  Well they suck balls.   {not a kids show}

Dug in Hungarians and Ersatz.
Through 4 games my Marders failed ALL but 1 Stormtrooper move.  They died in 3 out of 4 battles.  In the 4 battle, 3 of them died, I made my motivation, and then just ran the last one off so we would get a 6-1 win.  AWFUL Marder III's.

They were the BEST looking vehicles there {even though I didn't win paint} but performed the worst out of anything there.  I don't know if I'll ever use them again.  They are just around to look good.  Kinda like my wife...right honey?  {shhhhh, I spent way to much money this tournament}

So, I'm sorry Shawn.  Thanx for carrying me through 4 games.  And besides all that I was really rusty.  I had a hard time deciding what to do.

Honestly my Ersatz did pretty well.  They did their job and held objectives.  really it was only the Marders that really sucked.

Defended onslaught of German Vets.
So, breaking it down out of 4 games I had 16 marders...15 of them were destroyed, and the last one ran home to momma.

But it worked out in the end.  Got a free JagdPanther Platoon with my winnings. 

Sorry don't have many pics.  My camera died at the start of game 3.


  1. don't misunderestimate the power of being useless... they kept your enemy busy for a while and were shot magnets, if not for making your opponents laugh...

  2. ...and his partne laugh too.

  3. That win put me back in 5th in Canada.

  4. Nicely, done. We have 3 more to get you to the top.