Monday, November 21, 2011

Rules Nazi Q&A

Well I didn't realize you couldn't post comments on a separate page.   You can only put comments on a post.

So thought I better start a 'Post', where people could ask me rules questions.

If its a quick answer, I'll stick it on here, if its worthy, I'll make an entire episode.
If you would like to see something covered here, then let me know.

I may have to do Artillery next.

Some people seem to think you can stack all your hits on to one target, and that you can't apply hits to bailed out vehicles first, when in fact you can.  They seem to think ALL regular shoot rules apply, when they don't. 


  1. OK, I have a question regarding KampfGrupping. My gaming group (or is that Gruppe?) has read the wording regarding "any combat platoon" as meaning the 2IC can pick a section from ANY platoon and Kampfgruppe, with that ONE unit. At a tournament yesterday, I come to find out that they play meaning the 2IC picks and chooses from multiple units.

    In this case, he had a Panther 2IC, pulls out one other Panther from a Panther platoon, and a StuG from an assault gun platoon. I thought this was fishy, but perhaps I have read it wrong. Your thoughts?

    Matt Varnish, but Anon because work sucks!

  2. yes you can pull units to form your Kampfgruppe from multiple Platoons.

    However your tournament opponent may still have been wrong.

    Usually (but not always) an Assault gun Platoon is a Support Platoon. Unless it was a combat platoon?

    You can only form your Kampfgruppe from Combat and Weapons Platoons.

    For example lets say you build a Mittlere Armoured Company.

    HQ & 2ic
    Combat - Panther platoon (2)
    Combat - Panzer IV (5)
    Support - Stug G (3)

    the 2ic could form their Kampfgruppe with
    1 panther, and 2 Panzer Iv's.

    but could not take any Stug's because they are a support platoon.

  3. @MV: RTFM / Das Book

    Before deploying your force at the start of the game, you may take up to half of the Sections or Squads (excluding the HQ Section) from ANY combat or weapons platoons in the company and place them in a special Kampfgruppe Platoon.


    The second gotcha is that you need platoons with multiple sections / squads in order to KG them.

  4. Its funny Diragi, because I read that to mean it lets you pull from ANY ONE unit, even though it doesnt say that, thats how my mind reads that line! Thanks for the clarification.


  5. oh ya good point diragi. its not individual units its sections/squads.

  6. Can you explain "Cover fire" and how it is used?

  7. Sure Taran, I should do a episode on cover fire.

    but basically...Just ignore it. Its just bad new zealand engrish.

    all cover fire is are the guys that shot full ROF during the shooting step and can't take part in an assault.

    this one really confused me in the beginning as well.