Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pet Terrain Project Part I

I've been thinking about trying to make my own terrain boards for a long time. Just something quick and cheap.

I've been thinking about using these big 2'x 9' sheets of I don't even know what at Home Depot. But they are like $20 a sheet for 1 of them and I think I would need 4 of them for what I want. Plus I would have to get them cut to the sizes I want.

Then I remembered Wal-Mart sells these kids mats in 2'x 2' sections. a pack of 4 of them is only $8 or something. So I bought a bunch and decided to see if these worked. If they did I could build modular boards with roads and stuff. The trick would be if the spray paint sticks to it without cracking.

The first thing I wanted to try was a 4' x 4' cityscape. I have a 4' x 6' board for FoW, but I have nothing to play cities on. I used a gray primer and then a textured spraypaint. As you can see it turned out pretty good. And I've been bending it to make sure the paint doesn't crack. It's holding up pretty good.

Even the texture of the mats gives it a cobblestone sort of look.

My buildings aren't painted, but you get the idea. The only problem is the spray paint costs more then the mats. It takes a lot to cover these things.

Next I will try to flock one of these bad boys...and then try to put roads on them.  If they don't work out I at least have my 4' x 4' city board.

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