Monday, May 2, 2011

German Half-tracks

Finished up some German half-tracks I had started way back before my Konigstigers.  I was originally going to take PanzerGren's instead of Pioneers.

The half-tracks resin isn't very smooth, so I thought I would use them as a test for some things.  I had practiced some camo with a new airbrush.

And these were the first units I tried a pin wash with.  And they actually turned out pretty good.

I also tend to use tank crews as tests for painting infantry.  I still just can't get a wash to work consistently with infantry.  Some times the creases are dark some times they are crystal clear.  I just don't know.  but  I will keep trying.  I think really improving my infantry is the next step in my painting evolution.  I'm back onto my soviet Strelkovy Battalion, so that should give me lots of practice.

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