Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Gun In The Game!

Finished my 57mm Zis-2 tank Destruction Company.

I think this is the best gun in the game.  For only 200 points, AT 11, RoF of 3, and a range of 32".

I can't wait to put these babies into action.

Tried something new with my basing with these.  I tried to use these grass tufts.  I makes the grass look like its standing up.  I could never get static grass to stand up, and the latest craze seems to be these tufts of grass.  Well they are awesome.  So easy to put on. And they look great.  Just have to match the colours to your flock as best you can.  I am definitively going to try and get my hands on a tonne of this stuff.

Next I move on to my God of War Battery, and then a whole lot of Strelkovy...yikes.

I am also doing FoW demo this weekend.  I hope to draw a few new players to the game.  Thank you to Joe Krone of Battlefront for the suggestions.

Enjoy the 57mm guns.


  1. This is a great looking Platoon.
    Good luck with the demo. Even if you get 1 new player it would be a success.

  2. Nice job on these, well done.

    Now go feed them some panzers :)

  3. First, the unit looks fantastic. I think the commander is the best. Great use of the blue and the subtle highlights in the blue really make for a great presentation.

    Second, good luck with the demo. I know you are looking to get more players in your part of Canada.

    Third - I will really have to think about the award of "best gun." As a player of American and British units, I still get the "shakes" when I see an 88. RoF 3 (with the extra 10 points), can get CV or FV, gun shield and massive range. Granted, about 200 points gets you 2 guns vs 4. AT 11 vs 13. So you have given me a reason to reconsider my thoughts about best gun.

  4. thanx guys.


    ya I don't know how much you know about soviets, but a Strelkovy mid war can take 2 destruction companies.

    So for the same amount of points (almost) of two 88's with extra crew, I can get 8 of these 57mm guns.

    That is 24 dice of AT 11. Even at ranges of 32" you have a punchers chance of knocking out a Tiger from the front

    Held in ambush these guns would shred a KT or Panther.

    And if you loose 2, your platoon isn't destroyed, like with 88's.

    AND...they aren't immobile. Because they are Russian guns they move like a light gun.

    1. Also note that in Red Bear they get re-roll failed to hit if they haven't moved and at least one model of the targetted unit is within 16"- killer with ROF3, and even worse in a cossack list- they get to be mounted and combat attached then!

  5. You are correct - I know next to nothing on the Soviets. But you can get 8 guns at 200 points?!?!? Wow.

    I checked FE for late war and 4 guns come in at 170pts. I did then compare to the American 3" AT guns. It is a little "apples and oranges." The guns are similar - Soviet 57mm has RoF 3, but the 3" has AT 13. The American guns cost more, but for 280 you get 4 guns, 4 bazookas, 4 Halftrakcs with .50cals, 3 jeeps (2 with AA MG and 1 .50cal AA MG).

    Yes, different forces and different approaches to AT guns.

    Soviets seem like killers gone nuts - especially that cheap.

    Keep up the awesome food for thought posts!

  6. @ Mike FragCon

    Saturday & Sunday 9am to 1pm

    Andrew is coming so you could play him.

    @Web...sorry I guess 88's aren't as expensive as I thought.

    so in mid war 2 88's is about 260ish?
    1 destruction company (4 guns is 200 points)
    so I could get 8 of those guns for 400 pts)