Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radio Free Battlefront vs WWPD

In Radio Free Battlefront Latest Episode Mike poses a question back to the WWPD guys.

I thought it would be very interesting to answer these questions myself.

On a scale of 1 to 5 how would you rate the importance of Modeling, Historical, Gaming, and Social as it pertains to Flames of War.

Modeling - 5
The Last hand painted model I did.
As the Radio Free guys pointed out this could very easily be a 2 or a 5 depending on what you are painting at the time.  When you are painting 240 Strelkovy this number quickly drops by the end of  the project.

I'm trying to be a 5 all the time.  But I'm such a slow painter by the end of some projects I just want to get it done.

This is something that has to be important to me.  The FoW community has all but disappeared, with a few people here and there.  So I don't actually get to play much.  I've had to concentrate more on the modeling aspect.  And my stuff is getting better and better all the time.  Where as I think most people are happy with something simple to get theirs stuff on the table.

This is also why I've played the big cats lately.  I want to show off my newest work, but I'm so slow I have to play these armies that have very few models.

Historical - 5
Cool panthers, but no detail.
When I first started FoW I thought I was a 5.  I knew a lot about WWII.  I hadn't even scratched the surface.  So in my minds eye I thought i was a 5 when really i was a 2.

But now I am defiantly a 5.  I will not paint something because it looks good.  I've see some great paint jobs at the last 2 tournaments on individual tanks.  Brian's T-34's...their paint scheme was super cool, but not historical in anyway.

And this past weekend, another guys panthers were painted really cool, but also not historical.  Which is fine. To each their own.  But there is also no detail in them.  Maybe they weren't done?  I started out this way too.  But now I want my stuff historical.  Or at least as best as I can get it.  The research is one of my favorite parts of this hobby.

My First panther
Because of these, I'm actually thinking of doing a Pink Panther army.  Not historical, but it would be fun.  One can't be all business.  I may even field them in a tournament. 

But historical stuff is important to me.  I even have a few Panzer III's where the crew uniforms were painted field grey instead of black.  I just didn't know when I first started.  So, those will eventually go into the Simple Green, and repainted.

Historical is actually suppose to be part of your score, but I find most guys don't know whats historical.  They vote 1 to 5 based on how good it looks.  I also not sure guys really know what they are looking at half the time, or they just give everyone the same score.  Shawn's armies are insanely well painted.  One of my buddies even borrowed one of his.  5's across the board without question.  I could even understand the occasional 4.  But some schmuck gave one of his armies a 1, and another one a 3.  1 is unpainted for peat sakes.  "Did you even look?"   

Gaming - 3
One of the first...Time for Simple Green?
This is a hard one for me to score because I am very competitive.  But the difference between me and most other competitive people I know, speaking in FoW terms, I would rather lose 4-3 in a great battle then crush someone 6-1 in 2 rounds.  I love the stress of close games.  Its very exciting.

So, playing at home for fun with my buddies, I spend a lot of time teaching.  I don't care about winning.  I want that person to be a great player, so later we can have great games.  I know guys that are so competitive, they would rather get the win by someone not showing up then playing against a great opponent.  

But really because Flames of War has all but collapsed in my city, its forced me to concentrate more on the modeling then the gaming, as I mentioned before.

I'm slowly but surely trying to build up the Regina Community.  As the group in Regina grows this number will go up.  For now the gaming is just a great by-product of the modeling.

Social - 5
Isn't that the reason we play board games?  I've met some great new players at the tournaments in Saskatoon.  I'd really like to get a 2 day event going so we could go out for drinks one night.  Instead of everyone dispersing after the tournament is done.

I even thought of giving this a 3 or 4 because I do more modeling then playing.  But really, I still talk to a lot of other people in the FoW community.  Even asking for painting advice (which I do a lot) from the FoW forum is a social aspect of this hobby.  So it has to be a 5. 

Cool question, I look forward to hearing the WWPD guys answers.


  1. Interesting that you equate historically accurate modelling to "historical 5". Not saying you are wrong, but my take was how high do you rate being interested in the history (unit, battle, operations, etc.).

    I thought it was unfortunate that the BF guys said gaming equated to competitiveness. To me the gaming aspect is about fun, the mechanics of play, etc. not necessarily how we react to those mechanics. A lot of players rate games on both its fun and its ability to produce "a historical result".

    I think a Pink Panther themed army would be great, and I would not balk at an opponent plopping that on the table at a tournament. Well, Panthers are tough so maybe I would balk a little, but not at the paint job.

  2. @Dale....ha...ya I see your point...but that would be a given I would think. I did mention I think the research is one of my favortie parts. Just because I am so interested in the time period.

    I bet most of us are into FoW because of our fascination with history. I'd be curious to know how many people became interested in WWII history because of the game?

    I think I equated historical to accurate modeling because some people don't seem to model that accurately. They are probably interested in the time period, but maybe don't dig as deep as others when it comes to things like paint schemes, uniforms, tank numberings, ext.

    I see your point on the gaming aspect also. But I think FoW is sorta 2 fold. I heard of guys modeling and ever playing the game. They just don't care too. Whether that is they aren't competitive or don't like the game I don't know.

    In answering these questions I started to feel they were all kind of tied together anyway. And you can't really have one with out the other.

    I bet if I played more, that would be a 5 as well. There just aren't the people here.

    Awesome points Dale, I appreciate it.

  3. These are the conversations I love. When I was much younger, I really liked model railroading. What was amazing was the sheer number of hobbies within the hobby. Painting, scratch building, operating the layout, building scenery, wiring, etc.

    Same is true here, although to a lesser degree. Some say gamer/painter or painter/gamer, but it is more than that. And for me, it is quite personal.

    I am a WW2 history "buff." I am not an expert, but I do know the history. It was my interest in WW2 that got me into FoW. And I knew I would get hooked. That is why I waited several years before really playing. Now I am consumed. But my unit choices started very personally to me. First, Normandy. I have been to the beaches twice - once with my wife and once with my family. I will go once more with my father in the next 24 months. Allied units only in Western Front. I am weird that way.

    Second up was Italy and the FSSF (Devil's Brigade). My wife's uncle was awarded the Bronze Star there. He was a flamethrower.

    Now I am going for Brit paras (Pegasus and Arnhem).

    So for me, the history drives the game.

    As for historical, I understand the points about painting. I will admit that I am not a "purist" here. For example, my Normandy American Armor does not have the black cammo. My tank names are the names I like, not ones that begin with a certain letter. I have grown to love the painting, weathering and compliments that I get on my units. And they look better in person than in a picture.

    But it is a game and it is about fellowship. I am very lucky to have a good group in Madison. Great, great guys.

    Kage, if I was closer to Regina, I would be there gaming with you and getting into passionate discussions about fields of fire and aircraft concealment. I hope you can build up a great community of FoWers.

    And congrats on the shout out from the guys at WWPD!!! Your decal tutorial will live forever!!