Monday, October 11, 2010

T-34's and Panzer III J's

Its been a while since I've put something up on here.  I haven't painted much in the last month.  Been pretty busy.  But I've finally managed to finish some more tanks.  Tried a couple of new things here, including using an ink that every raves about.  Winsor & Newton Peat Brown ink.  I must admit it worked rather well.  It's still going to take me some practice.  I'm not going to try and move on to do as much infantry as I can.  I've been avoiding it ever since I started using an airbrush.

One thing I am noticing is that the round soviet star decals are thinker then other decals.  These are the only decals where the edges are picked up by dry brushing.  I don't do these any different, but you can still always see the circle after, where you can't on other decals I do.

Of course my son and his mohawk  had to get into one.


  1. Wow! the camo on those panzers look great! the the weathering/mud on all of them looks superb!! Well done, sir!

  2. Thanx. First attempt at camo with an air brush. It was a lot harder then I thought. Unfortunately, I broke both nozzles on my good airbrushes and can't find replacements. Mostly because I didn't really know how to take them apart.

    I may have to buy an Iwata or badger so I can readily find parts for them.