Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Leningrad Tiger!

I have completed my 2nd Tiger, along with some other Germany Armor.

I decided to make this Tiger Panzer Grey.  I've heard many people say that there were no Panzer Grey Tigers.  That they were all Dark Yellow.  I like things to be historical but I'm not total bent on it.  Its not like I was going to paint!  I was going to paint it grey either way.  Just because I've heard both sides of the coin I did a little digging myself.

What I found was that the first 4 Tigers went to the  Schwere PzAbt 502, part of Army Group North attacking Leningrad in August 1942.  These Tigers were Grey.  I even found some crazy pictures.

So here is my Leningrad Tiger, StuG F/8's, and Panzer II's.  Let me know what you think.

My little varnish cocktail is a bit too matt.  made some of the darker lines disappear.  I'll have to refine this for the next batch.  I also refined my wash, and it works much better.  Even painted the tank commanders this way as a prelude to painting infantry with this technique.

They symbol on the Panzer II's is from the 14th panzer division.  The turrent looked kinda bare, and its hard to put numbers on a turret that small.  I'm sure there was a light panzer company in that division, just don't know where they would have placed their unit symbol.

The StuG F/8's I screwed up a bit on.  In most of the F/8 photo's I found they had the German cross with their unit symbol on the side.  I forgot this until I had already done the first one.  So I just made them all the same.  These turned out super good.  I can't wait to use them against Sylvain's Soviet Calvary!

Next up, 1 Panzer IV f2, 3 Panzer J (late), and 5 T-34 obr 1942's.

Oh some might question the tires on my tanks.  I know they should be black.  But I tried painting them and they look like shit after.  So I just leave them now. 


  1. Nice!

    The side shot of the Tiger, with the blue sky in the background, looks great! Rich colour, clearly defined details... Were you using flash on that one? The other pictures, where you were definitely using flash, look completely different. Though it's the same model the colour and detail seems a bit washed out...

    I never use a flash and find it helps a lot.

  2. yup, no flash on that one. I try to use no flash but usually ends up blurry. This one I put the camera on the table to take this. Maybe I need a tripod.

  3. Good job on those tanks! Like you, I think there is no point in painting black the rubber rims of the wheels as dust quickly covers everything.

    If you want to take on my Cossacks with these tanks of yours, you will have to expect some serious support behind them.

    You need to paint more infantry man :-).

    I'll e-mail you to set up a date for a game.

    And I want to see a batrep with some pictures:-).