Saturday, June 15, 2013


Finished some new Soviet kat killers.  I'd have to say for some plain jane green monsters they turned out really well.

I used a technical pen for the shading and went twice as light on the high light colour.  It took a lot longer but I love the result.

All my russian tanks will be going in the #SimpleGreen now.


  1. It looks good. May I suggest an easier way that gives excellent results?

    Varnish in gloss the models, then apply a pin wash with AK Interactive's AK 045 Dark wash for green vehicles.

    I used it for absolutely all colors (green tanks or dakr yellow tanks).

    You just let the wash flow in the recesses of the model -look for "pin wash techniques"- with the tip of a brush.

  2. Im always looking for suggestions. But i have tried pin washing. Ive had mixed results and takes longer then with a pen. If you look up my ferdinand that is the best results ive had with pin washing. Probably one of my favorite models.

  3. Very nice, they look really good.

  4. Dawg, those look pretty damn sexy.

  5. Lovely 152. I`m going to paint one shortly so good to have a finished vehicle to guide me.