Friday, June 22, 2012

Kampfgruppe Bäke Log Part I

Decided to start and finish my Kampfgruppe Bake all in one shot.  Might as well log it.

I should start off by saying the Oberstleutnant Dr Franz Bake could possibly be one of the WORST models battlefront has ever put out.  This thing was an absolute nightmare to get it to sit straight.  I had to use the side skirts to try and hide how crappy the tracks are.  I actually think the resign model is totally crooked.  I'm very disappointed considering this is a newer model.  I've never had to modify a model like this before.

Any how.  This is what i'm painting.  I usually paint more then just a straight point army so that I can have options.  Especially since I plan on making this army a Winterized army.

  • HQ -  Oberstleutnant Dr Franz Bake, Bergepanther (ya I get to do another one)
  • Platoon - 3 Panthers
  • Platoon - 2 Tigers
  • Weapons - 3 Armoured Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm)
  • Support - Schwere Armoured Scout Platoon (winterized Grens and 7 half-tracks)
  • Support - 4 Panzerwerfer 42
  • Support - HS129b and JU87D Stuka
I'll probably add a recon platoon later as well.  And I'm not going to paint the bergepanther yet.  I like to take my time with that one adding chains and stuff as you saw with my first one.

If anyone has any tips on winterizing, I'm all ears.  This will be my first crack at it.   

But here is the start of it.  Magnetized all the turrets.  I even magnetized the anti-air guns and the panzerwerfers. 

This was a lot of airbrushing in one shot.  Still have to do one more coat, and then a coat of varnish. 

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  1. Cool project. Not tried to create a winter or white camo in Flames of War. Lots of options. Perhaps like a hatch style of short brush strokes of white dabbed on by hand in a rushed style. hmmmm. lots of options but lots of mud around the tracks seems like a good idea.
    Looking forward to ya results.