Saturday, April 21, 2012

FoW Tournament App Ready for Testing

Well after almost 4 months of development, I believe (and hope) this app is ready for testing.
I've even actually been able to start painting some Strelkovy.  Which really just makes me want to work on the app more...:)

Here is a document on how to use the app and what it can do so far.

If you wish to help test, join the FoW Canada Forum.

You'll find a FoW tournament app section where you can download the software.
I've also created  a section for tracking issues that you find.

Just remember this is not a finished product.  This is only the basics of what I have planned for it.  Once its totally stable and idiot...I mean User Proof...I will begin expanding and refining the app.

Remember, for those that have never been around the development world, I want you to break it.
The more you break it the better it will be in the end.

Note:  Once the app is installed, Vista and Win 7 users must either turn down their UAC or hold down 'Shift', Right click, and run as administrator.

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