Friday, January 6, 2012

FoW Tournament App Update

Made some good headway over the holidays.
Sorry, I haven't kept my update page...up to date.  That doesn't mean I'm not working on it. 
Just means I'm lazy.

I'm very close to having a working alpha.

So far you can.

Add new Clubs
Add new Players
Start new Tournaments
Load Old tournaments
add players to tournament roster
remove players from tournament roster.
Random Mission selector.  (will only randomize missions you select, for those that don't like Road block)
mark players in tournament as absent and/or paid.

I graciously received Force data from Greg who does EasyArmy.

This will save me a lot of time.

I have to have players able to select specific forces to determine their alignments by this weekend.
Then I will Generate matches based on alignment to avoid blue on blue.
I will have a check box in the rules section to allow blue on blue.

Once that is done, I will generate a deployment package and have people start testing.

oh ya forgot to add that I will filter forces that can be selected based on the tournaments chosen era.
And will further filter down, when you select a nation and/or alignment (ie Axis/allies)

So, in a Mid War tournament, Players will never be allowed to select a Late War force.
I'm all about protecting users from themselves as a developer.


  1. This sounds promising! I have an Iphone myself and this would be a wonderful app if it is available over itunes!

  2. I don't build things for crapple.

    Maybe I'll build one for android. ;)