Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Commission Job: Update 1

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. I've been "sub contracted" to paint some miniatures. Its a project that Shawn is working on. A D-day board. And for those that know him, we all know how much he loves to paint.

So, I will paint some beach obstacles, boats and tanks.

Should be fun and a challenge. Especially since everything I'm painting has to be destroyed. First thing I did is go out and by myself a Dremel. I was surprised how cheap they are. I should have got one a long time ago. You have no idea how many hours i've spent cutting away at resign with a hobby knife.

He also wants 2 destroyed Panzer IV's. I already had some of these started, so I will just use those.

Just did my first test with it, blowing a hole in a Landing craft. Took me like 30 seconds. With a hobby night this would have taken...well forever.

I will keep regular updates as to how this is going.

Not sure if this is really the path I want to go down. I have so much of my own stuff to paint. Maybe I could hire someone to paint my stuff? :)


  1. Shouldn't the landing craft be sunken with such a hole?...

    Will follow with interest!


  2. lol, it will be sunken, on the board when its done. Just used the lake to show the hole.

  3. With the Dremel, you can use the etching tool to create "ruts" the extend out from the hole. This would simulate the gouges that shrapnel would create from the exploding shell. You can also try to "soften" the resin by heating it up (I think placing it in boiling water is the safest). After heating it up, you can use a wood dowel or small file and create "bends" or "ripples" in the resin that would also simulate buckling steel.

    Good luck!!