Thursday, May 26, 2011

Calgary Military Museum

The Boy
So, between WoT's and other stuff I haven't been doing much painting lately.  On top of that I went to Calgary this past week.  One thing I did while I was there was go to the Museum of the Regiments...Which isn't the Museum of the Regiments anymore.

Calgary used to have 3 military museums.  Basically an army, navy (why there is a navy museum in the middle of the prairies I'll never know) and air force.  And they used to be spread out all over the city.  What they've done is brought all 3 together into one giant military museum.  I hadn't been there since this has been done, and I also know more about what I'm looking at now.

I applogize for the pictures.  some will be good some bad.  I took them all with my phone.  I didn't take my real camera because I didn't really plan on going there.

And please feel free to correct me if I got something wrong.

Out side they had some vehicles.  2 of them I had no idea what they were.  Since my forte' is WWII, I was sure they were post war tanks.  One of them looked like a Russian tank, but couldn't fathom why they would have a soviet tank.  They had no plaques outside to tell you want kinds of vehicles they were either.  Indeed one of them is a Soviet T-72, and the other one is a Centurion.

Bren Carrier & the Boy
the Boy & a Soviet T-72
Pretty cool

You know, I've seen these tanks before, and I work with models of them every day, but I've forgotten how big they really are.  Even the firefly seems huge.  I can't imagine how big a Konigstiger would be in real life.

They also had a couple of AT guns outside.

6 Pounder
17 Pounder

Lots of cool stuff inside.  Including a very cool Diorama of another firefly that was apparently actually in Italy.

One thing that caught my eye in particular is the patches on the infantry uniforms.  The 3rd Canadian infantry division is prominent in FoW.  A couple of books show to paint 3rd Canadians with a blue formation patch on their shoulder.  The uniforms of the Calgary Highlanders at this museum also have these blue formation patches.  The only problem is the Highlanders were part of the 2nd Canadian.  So, who is wrong?  the Museum or Battlefront?  Seeing how BF already screwed up colours on the 4th Canadian decals, I wouldn't be surprised.  After about 30 seconds of digging turns out BF is wrong.  The 2nd Canadian Infantry division patches are blue.  The 3rd Canadian infantry division patches are suppose to be Grey.

Lots of cool artifacts.

Navel and Air Museum stuff.  Super Cool.  Even some Nazi artifacts taken from a German Sub.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  2. Great pictures. That looks like a really interesting museum. Pity I'm the wrong side of the Atlantic to visit!