Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IS-2 and SU-76m

Here are some IS-2's and SU-76's. There are the first finalized vehicles that I've done using an airbrush and wash.

I'm still a little iffy on the wash. the lines are showing up as much as I thought. but still not to bad.

Next I will try doing some camo with the airbrush.

I also successfully figured out how to varnish with an airbrush. I will no longer need any aerosol cans to prime or varnish.



  1. I see that your painting production is running on high gear.
    We'll have to find time for a game in the near future.



  2. yes, except I'm trying a whole bunch of new stuff. Mostly on tanks.

    I'm about to try some new stuff to try and speed up and improve infantry painting.

    i'm up for a game any time.