Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stuka's Are Done!

Well my Stuka 87D's are done. I tried a couple of new techniques I will share with you today. Not to sure if I like them yet or not.

First thing I tried was using a "Technical Pen" to fill in the detail lines after it was painted. I don't think anyone has even heard of a Technical Pen in Canada. I went every where. Art stores, office stores, stationary one even heard of them. So, I tried a fine line marker. I think its the same you just can't refill them. Still not 100% I like it. I think if the ink flowed a little easier it would probably work a lot better.

The next thing I tried was these weathering stick by Tamiya. It simulates caked on mud. I didn't do a very good job, but I think I can work with it. They turned out a bit splotchy. the rest of the tanks aren't dirty enough. but the build up of mud looks good.

Working Update:
  • I've almost completed a Strelkovy Platoon.
  • I'm assembling some SU-76m's
  • Priming a German Grenadier Platoon.
I did finish assembling some IS-2's and KV-85's, but out of the 3 IS-2's and 3 KV-85's I did assemble...1 IS-2 and 1 KV-85 came with the wrong guns, so i've had to contact Battlefront to get replacements...I have no luck.

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